Life Cover

Who we are

NVZ INSURANCE SERVICES PTY (LTD) is a privately owned company that was registered in 2017 January. It started operating in March 2018 under the FSP License 48321. NVZ Insurance Services is a family owned insurance firm based in Eastcliff, Johannesburg South, Gauteng.

Business Operations

The company is presenting a product supplier’s offerings as first option. Seasoned or experienced Financial Advisors will be recruited throughout 2018. Graduates as many as 10 in total will also be recruited to assist with the operations of the company, financials as well as sales. All candidates will be recruited and screened by either the company or Hollard Life, trained and accredited by Hollard Life on the Hollard life products, sales, the IT systems as well as any other regulatory requirements to ensure the company meets its obligation in training of its employees.


NVZ Insurance is using its strong leads from the current business network affiliated with its Directors, Business Expo center, family and friends as well as social media.
The current set target for NVZ insurance once it is fully operational is to bring 10 sales per week and this means 520 sales per annum.


NVZ Insurance targets customers across all LSM’s because we believe in the notion that any customer’s fortune can change. It is important, therefore, to take every person as a potential lead after due diligence.We are targeting Medium to Affluent working class as well as any graduate with full time employment who fits into that sector.

Product Offerings

NVZ currently holds a mandate with Hollard Life for a variety of product suites for both written and underwritten including Personal life cover, business life cover and MLM (My Life and More) products.