Disability and Impairment

Our disability cover pays you out if an accident or illness means you’re unable to work, while our impairment cover helps you make lifestyle adjustments if you’re involved in an accident.

Pay your bills. Adapt your life.

People often wonder what the difference is between disability and impairment cover. Although they’re similar, they have different roles to play when it comes to your life insurance. Let’s face it: if you weren’t able to work another day in your life – you’d need to win the lottery to cover all those bills. Our disability cover pays out a lump sum or monthly income payments if an accident or illness means you can no longer work, protecting both your finances and your family. While our impairment insurance will provide money that you can use to make adjustments to your life such as installing a wheelchair ramp in your home.

Why choose our critical illness cover?

    • You’ll be paid out a tax-free lump sum to cover costs related to your illness.
    • Receive up to R7.5 million to cover any lifestyle changes and medical costs.
    • It covers 57 serious illnesses including heart attacks, strokes and cancer.
    • It also covers your children for all 57 illnesses, at no extra cost.
    • It includes a bonus benefit that covers you if you spend time in hospital for an accident or illness not already covered

Added Benefits

Crisis Waver

    • You won’t have to pay the premiums on your critical illness cover for up to 3 months if you face a serious life-changing event
    • Covers you for a wide range of life-changing events including divorce, retrenchment or the death of a spouse
    • Includes a cash-back benefit after every 5 claim-free years

Long-Term Care

    • Covers you for full-time care with a registered frail care facility, hospice or nursing home or with a registered medical professional
    • Makes monthly payments of up to R30 000 after you turn 65
    • Includes a death benefit before and after you turn 65